Youth lock-in

This past Friday I had the opportunity to help with a youth lock-in (Rock-in Lock-in) and for it to be the very first lock-in it was a success! There were 42 kids there from grades 7th through 12th. The kids came from all over Tattnall County and we also had some travel from Savannah, GA to join us. It was extremely fun watching the kids enter act with each other as they got to know one another, and you could see them bonding together as they joined together to make teams to play the games.
It was awesome seeing the presence of God among the kids as the worked together to complete challenges to earn points for their respective team. Many of the kids walked away from the event with new forged friendships and a passion to serve God no matter their circumstances.
Many of the kids enjoyed the opportunity to hear the word of God spoken from Justin Sims, Storm Rush, and Chris Goode. The kids also got to worship through music as Falling Kansas performed a concert.
Because the event was so successful we are in discussion of having the event quarterly.


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