I need your help!

I’m currently in the process of raising $1200 for recording equipment that I need to record my journey traveling to share my testimony and to make short inspirational films.

I have a gofundme page that lists the equipment I need to do the recording. So, if you’re able to help me financially with this it would be such a blessing and I would truly be grateful for the support. Even if you only donate $5 that would be awesome because it can add up! So if you’re willing to help simply click on the highlighted gofundme link above and click donate.

If you’re unable to help financially it’s ok there are two other ways you can help me; one, you can share this blog to everyone you think would be interested in helping. Second, you can pray for me. I believe in the power of pray, and that God will deliver for His will to be done.

Again, I can’t thank you enough for your support and look forward to seeing how these videos I make will impact people for the glory of God!



I’m excited to announce I will be sharing my testimony on air at NewLife FM 90.7 in Atlanta, GA, June 9th 4:30 pm! You can listen live at this link –> Click Here!


I recently had the opportunity to share my testimony at The Lighthouse FM in St. Marys, GA May 27th. It was extremely awesome and very humbling to see God work in the lives of people touched by me because I was being obedient and doing His will in sharing my testimony. The thing is it’s not about me, it never has been, it’s all about God and sharing His grace so that when I come in contact with people who are lost, hurting, failing, and struggling in life they see how He transformed my life and that He is willing to do the same in their life.  I have absolutely know idea where God is leading me on this journey but I’m willing to follow because I would be nothing without Him.

I’ll be traveling with my buddies band Falling Kansas that I manage on June 13th to Atlanta, GA where they will perform in this years AtlantaFest!

The Lighthouse Radio WECC 89.3 FM

I’m excited to announce in two weeks I’ll be sharing my testimony live on the radio for the youth at The Rock in Saint Marys, GA! Please be in prayer that lives are changed for the glory of God! To listen live click here –> The Lighthouse or you can download the app TuneIn Radio from your app store on iPhone or Android. Then search for The Lighthouse 89.3.

Be sure to like The Lighthouse Facebook page at www.facebook.com/thelighthousefm

May 27, 2014 @ 6:00 pm

The Lighthouse WECC 89.3

5465 HWY 40 E

Saint Marys, Georgia 31558

My Little Brother

Please pray for this young man. He’s a high school friend of mine that I’ve not seen in a while, but that has no effect on me being in prayer and asking others to do the same.

My little brother is sick.  He is in ICU 3 states away from me.  I haven’t seen him since November and certainly haven’t seen him since he went to the hospital yesterday morning.  Please pray for his healing and full recovery.


His name is Jacob.  He is 29 years old and has had more health issues than most people do by the time they’re 75 years old.  He’s diabetic.  He’s had open heart surgery.  He spent 3 weeks during Christmas in the hospital with a staff infection in his foot.  The list goes on. He is now fighting for his life after being found unconcious from seizures over night.  There is a lot of poison in his blood from more infection and bacteria in his body.  Please pray for his healing and full recovery.


When he arrived to the emergency room yesterday the doctor said he is very very sick…

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Inspiring Music

Every now and then you come across a song that makes you feel truly blessed and humbled to know the God loves you unconditionally. Well, this song does just that for me. As I listen to it I can’t help but find myself being perfectly still, eyes shut, and completely in awe of all He has done for me. So here’s a song by Elevation Worship – Grace So Glorious to lift your spirits for today as your weekend begins. God Bless!

Youth lock-in

This past Friday I had the opportunity to help with a youth lock-in (Rock-in Lock-in) and for it to be the very first lock-in it was a success! There were 42 kids there from grades 7th through 12th. The kids came from all over Tattnall County and we also had some travel from Savannah, GA to join us. It was extremely fun watching the kids enter act with each other as they got to know one another, and you could see them bonding together as they joined together to make teams to play the games.
It was awesome seeing the presence of God among the kids as the worked together to complete challenges to earn points for their respective team. Many of the kids walked away from the event with new forged friendships and a passion to serve God no matter their circumstances.
Many of the kids enjoyed the opportunity to hear the word of God spoken from Justin Sims, Storm Rush, and Chris Goode. The kids also got to worship through music as Falling Kansas performed a concert.
Because the event was so successful we are in discussion of having the event quarterly.

Why do you celebrate Christmas?

Last night sitting in church my pastor voiced a topic that I never really put a lot of thought into it but when he made the question known I could not help but think, why do nonbelievers in Jesus Christ celebrate Christmas?

If you stop and think about it is kind of puzzling how nonbeliever celebrate the holiday of a man/god they believe not to be real or was born but never had the powers of God. As a sit and think about this I wonder why the need or why the feel to exchange gifts around a Christmas tree on a day, on one particular day (December 25th), and not any other day?

December 25 is a day set aside simply for Christians to celebrate the birth of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So I ask, if you’re reading this blog and you are a nonbeliever why do you celebrate on December 25th, if you have a celebration, and not any other day? Who are you celebrating or what are you celebrating?

Friends of Mine!

If you have an opportunity watch this video of my friends band Falling Kansas that I manage. You wont be dissappointed! You can check them out at fallingkansas.com enjoy!